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Reviews Of Parents Regarding MovieStarPlanet

Moviestarplanet is social gaming website designed for children ages eight to fifteen. Here, kids have to choose from movie star character. You have to start from selecting gender then face shape, eyes shape, nose and much more. When you are done with face and figure, you have to choose whether she wear a short dress or a full dress. Dress up well and play games to earn more. You earn starcoins in this game; this is the main currency. Use your currency on purchasing new clothes in shopping section in city screen of the MovieStarPlanet game. You can do many things for earning starcoins. You can:

  1. Get bonus from spinning silver wheel.
  2. Get more bonuses if you have VIP membership.
  3. Completes quests given in MSP city screen.
  4. Play games which are given in games section. You will be having many small games to play. Those games are
  5. Dress up
  6. Crazy cards
  7. Quiz
  8. Arcade
  9. Friends only use
  10. Catwalk
  11. Watch movies made by other users and rate it.
  12. Made your own movies and publish them. You will get more money than what you getting rated.
  13. Suggest MSP to your friends and if they download, you will earn starcoins.

This is all you have to do to earn starcoins and using it. You can use MovieStarPlanet Hack to get a VIP account. You can get many more then this even you can reveal hidden feature of this game like you can access to more animations and troops. For a beginner these tools are useless because you won’t be able to understand benefits of these tools. Try playing this game for few days and when you get used to its interface & starcoins earning methods then you can understand its real benefit.

Reviews Of Parents

Most of the parents have bright reviews regarding its interface and game because this game is a child learning game. They learn to play cards and arcade games. They learn to play much more games. This game is designed according to real life issues. Real life issues like dealing with people and money management. So whenever they play this game they learn about how to manage money.

Bad reviews regarding this game are that you cannot say that this game is for kids because many times in conversation you have to talk dirty. Game will force you to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Children ages 8 to 12 are not able to understand these relations. Some of people complained about being bullied on this game. Well, going deep and having concern on each aspect, you will find this game is purely filled with 18 plus stuff.

So if your kids are playing this game then must be aware of what they are talking to people in chat room. Most of the bulling and sexual type issues are in chat room. Stop your kids from going to chatroom. Buy them VIP membership and then they will never wonder any way for  earning starcoins.