Proper Strategies Can Help Play Boom Beach In Advanced Stage

While playing Boom Beach game and innovating newer avenues to play it more effectively, you will find that there are some techniques which when followed can help a lot in playing the advanced stages of the game. Such techniques can be followed by any professional as well as a rookie because they are simple and easy to follow. You can check out the result and outcome of a battle before even engaging in it and losing any of your troops by using the Simulate Attack feature. This feature would help you to decide whether or not you should engage in a particular battle.

As soon as you invade a base, you simply have to swipe the base of your screen to enter Airplane Mode and lose connection. Your progress would not be recorded, and you can see the result in the end. You can continue to attack the base following your selected strategy and check the outcome of it. When it is over, and you do not like the outcome you can simply turn off the mode and restart to continue with the game making the necessary amendments in your strategy. This would help you to save any unnecessary loss of troops and also win battles in Boom Beach.

You would also have to constantly upgrade the radar so that you can see the maximum area of the map at a glance. This would help you to concentrate on holding and capturing the resource base. This feature of Boom Beach would help you to increase your resources. When you upgrade your headquarter to level 7, you can now have the ability to recruit powerful warriors, and with the help of them, you can even win the most seemingly impossible battles. Such warriors have the ability to win back points with each hit and blows and also have a great attack rating.

You simply have to strategize well to cope up with their low horsepower and vulnerability. Freeze your enemy often with the Shock Boom feature in Boom Beach game so that your warriors get a chance to destroy them. Also use the healing power up feature as much as possible. One very clever and important strategy is to hide all your defenses behind the trees so that your enemies cannot see it and also find it difficult to reach them. This way you have the chance to attack your enemy more.

Do not hold your defensive buildings too close to the other to minimize loss if under attack. Maintain a safe distance so that you do not lose many buildings in a single attack from your enemy. You would also find resources on boats which are free from enemy attacks. Therefore, do not rush to collect them but keep them as deposits for future requirement. A constant scouting on the mercenary bases also would help to know when they have amassed a huge amount of resources and attack them at the right time for maximizing the gains. Of course, you can use boom beach cheats for the purpose as well.

Facilities Available in SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt by Entertainment Arts belongs to the Sims series of gaming. It was released in 2014 and continues to be famous among gamers. Here are some of the facilities that you can provide to your people in SimCity BuildIt.

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  • Gambling Facilities: When you reach the 25th level or beyond, you will need head quarters for gambling. This will give you the ability to build a casino, gambling house and other such buildings that are in terms of
  • Mountain Facilities: As your building is bordered by mountains, you can also build vineyards, hotels, cafes and cottages which will help you earn more.
  • Entertainment Facilities: Expo centers, amphitheaters, and hotels are some of the specialized buildings that can be build once you reach level 20.
  • Beach Facilities: In the coastal areas, you have a number of options which ranges from lighthouses to surfer beaches.
  • Transportation Facilities: Transportation is comparatively simpler in SimCity BuildIt when compared with the original SimCity where you were required to build a transportation network.
  • Landscaping: Other than parks you can add green areas to the different parts of your city from lakes and ponds to forest. Unlike parks, landscaping does not need adjacent roads.
  • Parks and Recreational Facilities: Fire and health, parks and police services located within a particular radius from the park are some of the recreations that you can do for your Sims.
  • Drone and ControlNet Facilities: When you reach level 30 or higher you can get access to specialized buildings that can replace health, police, and fire. Similarly, ControlNet is the facility that is required for OMEGA homes.
  • Educational Facilities: This building should be located within a particular radius from the park and also includes a department of schools, library and education building.
  • Health Facilities: In order to take care of the Sims health, large hospitals and small to medium-sized clinics are to be built. The maximum level health facility that you can provide would be ‘Maxis Manor’ which must also be set within a particular radius from the park.
  • Police Stations: Like Health Facilities, the highest police facility is the Maxis Manor. Police stations can be small or medium sized along with the police precinct to protect the citizens from harm.
  • Fire Station: Maxis Manor is the maximum level fire facility and deluxe fire station is the largest. There are also medium and small sized fire stations that are available to put off an unnecessary fire in various parts of the city. They are also said to be located at a particular radius from the park.

Providing these various facilities to the Sims, you will have to earn a lot of coins to help you accomplish every task. However, earning these coins becomes very difficult as you go further into the game. This is why you can use simcity buildit hack which will provide you with enough coins to help you play the game more efficiently and in a simpler manner.